Fund for social innovation Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Public Administration.


The City of Turin is the body that has identified the social need of housing poverty, tackling all its complexities and challenges. By intervening through its Social Services Division (Social Inclusion Area) which, thanks to the data managed as part of its housing emergency services, offers the skills and experience of its operators in terms of housing services/needs, thanks to which the City will contribute to the definition of a model for measuring and evaluating the social impact of the policy as a whole. The City of Turin also involves the European Funds and Social Innovation Service which, thanks to its direct participation in numerous European networks and projects pertaining to the topic, can deploy its know-how in the benchmarking of Community good practices, as well as management of its staff in the field of project management and communication.


Homes4All s.r.l. Innovative Benefit Startup Company is the company set up to implement the project concretely. It puts the huge unused real estate assets back into circulation by helping families in a housing emergency and generating value for the owners, implementing the following activities: search for properties that are currently devalued and vacant but with strong growth potential renovate them by creating affordable and worthy housing; management of real estate for its members or for third parties; fundraising from private investors; accompaniment of tenants in a path of social reintegration. These activities implement a highly innovative widespread social housing model that generates positive social and environmental impacts.

The Chamber of Commerce of Turin is the entity identified for its expertise in measuring and evaluating the impact to be generated. Through its Competence Center, it will support the partnership in defining the social impact measurement model, capable of developing knowledge on metrics and measurement, to arrive at a social and financial impact assessment system.

Brainscapital is a management advisory company established in 2013 to support entrepreneurial activities and develop complex projects. On the one hand, it accompanies companies in the start-up phase, helping them to transform, where the conditions are met, the business idea into a reality, analysing the feasibility of the project, quantifying the costs, defining the business plan, also acting as an active partner in finding financial resources. On the other hand, thanks to its highly qualified and multi-sector team as well as thanks to a large and consolidated network of contacts at various levels, it helps and supports established businesses that are looking for a positive change for growth.

Homers is the Benefit Company, a spin-off of the Turin Polytechnic, made up of a team of architects, engineers, community builders and social real estate experts. City, ecology and community are the keywords in Homers DNA.

Born in 2014 in Turin from the merger of the design company TRA and the Benvenuti in Italia Foundation, after an initial experience together in 2012 for the co-design of the Buena Vista solidarity cohousing.

The Acmos Association, founded in 1999 by a group of young people from various volunteering and social commitment experiences, boasts significant experience in the field of social housing. United by the desire to seek together paths of solidarity and justice, of participation and responsibility, the Acmos Association aims to promote and support democratic inclusion, through education projects in the values of active citizenship.