Anita Molino – Il Leone Verde Edizioni – Turin Homes4All Investor

"What struck me most about Homes4All is the participatory mode of common welfare. Investing to avoid housing poverty by helping people, especially in these very difficult times, was the aspect that most convinced me."

Marco Diena – Turin Cardiac Surgeon and Homes4All Investor

"I firmly believe in the model proposed by Homes4All for the most vulnerable. Just in the year of the Pandemic that has brought millions of families to their knees, the intervention of private individuals in support of 'a home for all' is an extraordinary lever to help those who have lost their nest."

Alberto Banchero – AD Bancherocosta Genova

"Always be attentive to charitable and social initiatives, be aware of the responsibility that business has towards their city, we joined with enthusiasm the solidarity and concrete project of Homes4All, which plans an intervention rooted in the city context, involving the municipality, social services and other local actors."

Laura Orestano – social innovation expert -Torino

"Homes4All reflects the logic of social impact investments and the aggregative network component attracts me especially from a social and territorial redevelopment perspective."

Enrico de Maria – Entrepreneur Turin – Homes4All Investor

"Homes4All is a perfect mix between: opportunity, ethical initiative and contained risk. Homes4All has managed to combine the ethicality of the initiative with a possible return for investors."

Ernst Valery – Baltimore (USA) entrepreneur and Homes4All investor

"When I met the Homes4All Team I immediately sensed their desire to do something innovative and try at the same time to solve a critical situation of housing emergency that is not only occurring in Turin, but is experienced in many parts of the world. Homes4All works on a project that aims to improve the lives of many families".

Denis Beltramini – Homes4All Milan Investor

"Homes4all is a high social impact entrepreneurial project that involves a dense network of investors to address the housing emergency, with an innovative model and the ambition to grow nationwide. I share its logic and spirit."