The project

"Homes4All - the right to housing innovates in Turin" is the impact finance project promoted by the City of Turin in partnership with Homes4All srl Benefit Company, Brainscapital srl Benefit Company, Homers srl Benefit Company, ACMOS Association and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

The project intervenes on the issue of housing emergency, providing the City with preventive action tools to intervene on the reduction of waiting times for housing, expand the private real estate offer at affordable costs, thanks to the ability of private partners to mobilize the real estate assets vacancy and develop a global system of taking in charge the fragile tenants, in order to strengthen their ability to achieve a stable housing solution.

The achievement of these goals is the basis of the pay by result model which provides a performance bonus to the private provider Homes4All S.r.l., following the savings generated for the PA, which reduces the offer of temporary accommodation to this people (and so the payments). To date, the project has obtained a non-repayable grant of 600,000 euros from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers- Department of Public Administration, from the Social Innovation Fund. This Fund, governed by the D.P.C.M. 21/12/2018, promotes innovation within the Public Administration, supporting initiatives that meet emerging social needs, through the involvement of actors and funding also from the private sector, according to the impact finance scheme. The goal is to enable social innovation processes to give a more effective response to the needs of citizens and more efficient with respect to the allocation and use of public resources.

The experimentation is divided into three phases, the first of which envisaged the creation of a feasibility study in 2020, the second, currently underway, tests the previously developed model and, finally, if admitted to the third phase, it will be possible to invest in replicability and scalability of the model.

The project also focuses on the promotion of participatory, collaborative and inclusive mechanisms that it finds in the Torino Social Impact ecosystem - the platform that brings together more than two hundred subjects who deal in various capacities with social innovation and impact economy on the territory - the optimal development environment.


Fund for social innovation Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Public Administration.





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