About us

Homes4All is an innovative startup and Benefit Corporation “Società Benefit”, that promotes urban regeneration and reduces the housing emergency.
Thanks to a network of private investors sensitive to the logic of sustainability and social impact, Homes4All finds, upgrades and manages properties, leasing them to families in temporary difficulty at an affordable rent.

From problem...

Too many families without houses
Too many houses without families

In 2022, the 20,2% of italian families live in an overcrowding condition

2,5 million families are overloaded or housing costs exceed 40% of family disposable income

33 eviction requests per day in 2022 in Turin

+50.000 vacant apartments in the municipality of Turin

... to resource!

We put the huge unused real estate back into circulation helping families in housing emergency and generating value for the owners

With Homes4All we realize an ecosystem in which:

  • families in need find decent and affordable houses
  • investors make ethical and profitable investments

The social impact generated

Homes4All's intervention generates a significant social and economic impact, aimed in particular at:


the number of families in housing emergency


personal and family well-being and empowerment



the impact on city social services


Urban regeneration


an innovative model of impact finance (Pay by Results)

BCorp certification

In 2022 Homes4All obtained BCorp certification: an important international recognition certifying the high quality of the activities of a company, whose business model requires that the pursuit of economic objectives proceed hand in hand with that of environmental and social responsibility objectives.
In the certification process, Homes4All stood out not only for its commitment to urban regeneration and the reduction of housing emergency, but also for the attention paid to monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the social objectives in charge

Sustainable Development Goals

Homes4All with its activity pursues 8 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Having a decent and accessible home
• is a key determinant of the health and well-being of individuals and families (SDG 11 and 3),
• has a positive impact on children's education (SDG 4),
• can help people obtain and maintain employment (SDG 8)
• can provide a pathway out of poverty (SDG 1).

The carbon footprint of housing can be reduced through the right energy efficiency and construction measures (SDG 7 and 13).

Fostering effective partnerships in the public sector, between public and private sectors and in civil society is essential for finding resources and synergistically pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 17).

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