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Madonna di campagna is a neighborhood in the northwestern suburbs of Turin.

The term “campania taurini” formerly meant the entire rural area west of the city between the Sangone and Stura torrential streams, extending as far as Pianezza and Rivoli. From historical fragments dating back to the 14th century, there is news of a modest votive capital depicting a Madonna, which later took the name Madonna di Campagna, located near the present parish of the same name.

The Church of Madonna di Campagna was bombed and destroyed in 1942. Of the original building, reduced to a pile of rubble, only a small statue of the Madonna and the slender bell tower that still flanks the church, rebuilt in 1949, were saved.

In the following centuries, the town grew with the opening of the street and the railway. New industrial activities developed here in the late 19th century, particularly textiles. Then, the famous steel mills, Michelin and other related factories between the 19th and 20th centuries gave a new demographic impulse to the neighborhood, with the increase of agglomerations and new services, a phenomenon that continued in the following decades.

“Spina 3,” in the modernization project of the Turin Railway link of Turin and the surrounding areas (the so-called Spina Reale), which is a large area of the former industrial zone of the neighborhood, as well as San Donato and Borgata Vittoria, recently redeveloped and of urban development.

The so-called Spina 4 is the last reconversion area of the railway link.


"We have all been happy because we have been coming to the community for more than a year and the idea of finally having an apartment has made us happy. The children are settling in and the welcoming from the neighbors has been wonderful. The area is well served for buses and school. My goal is to find a job and to do extracurricular activities for my children."
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