Torino – Aurora

6 persone

“Being able to finally have a house of our own was an incredible emotion: we lived for about two years in a structure for housing emergencies with other families, but we didn’t really have our own spaces, it was all in common. to get along but it was very difficult, also because the covid arrived, we were all closed in the structure, the children at home, the people who went to work were a threat. The operators of the structure were good but the situation was very difficult .

The children now always go to the old schools as a matter of continuity, but at least this is a central neighborhood. The structure where we were was very far away and getting around by public transport or car was very tiring and took a lot of time. Now everything is close and easy to reach

We are very happy, not only for the transport service that takes us to work very easily but also for the services. We are very satisfied but we still have to discover many things about the neighborhood. We are happy with everything, we ask for nothing more than a quiet house to live in, everything else takes a back seat ”

Famiglia U. – Aurora Torino