What we do

Homes4All intervenes with the aim of reducing the housing emergency through a process of urban regeneration that combines demand and supply of properties on the market by providing services and financial and social tools aimed at reducing the rental risk.

The most recent data tell us that, at the end of 2020, 58% of the Italian families had difficulty making it to the end of the month (recording a +12% compared to 2019) and consequently managing to pay their mortgage instalments or rents, with the inevitable and imaginable implications.
The impact that this situation generates on the public housing system is high, as it puts further pressure from evicted households on the waiting lists of Public Housing. The cities are struggling to meet the growing emergencies and to do so they have to bear very high costs.

We look for real estate opportunities

We raise capital

We acquire and redevelop properties

Manage acquired or member-owned properties

We accompany tenants

The social impact generated

Homes4All's intervention generates a significant social and economic impact, aimed in particular at:


the number of families in housing emergency


personal and family well-being and empowerment



the impact on city social services


Urban regeneration


an innovative model of impact finance (Pay by Results)

Social need
Housing emergency or criticality
Public and private economic resources
Human resources
Scouting and matching of beneficiary properties
renovation and
Real estate
Management of practices
Provision of suitable accommodation
Provision of affordable and temporal accessible accommodation
Implementation of settlement and cancellation agreements
Activation of personalized accompaniment paths and agreements of responsibility
Housing stability Access to new home Maintenance of own home
Increased accessibility
Improvement of personal and family well-being and empowerment

Homes4All contributes to the achievement of 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG 11having a decent and affordable home is a key determinant of the health and well-being of individuals and families, SDG 3 has a positive impact on children's education, SDG 4 can help people obtain and maintain employment SDG 8 , and can provide a pathway out of poverty SDG 1. The carbon footprint of housing can be reduced through the right energy efficiency and construction measures (SDG 7 and 13).