Torino – La Barriera di Milano

Barriera di Milano
6 persone

“It was a great emotion for everyone: for many years we have lived in a small and unhealthy house and therefore moving to have so much space was certainly a great satisfaction. This especially for the little ones who now also have space to play at home. without disturbing the other members of the family Having faced a migration path 10 years ago that brought us to an environment very different from the one we belonged to, we immediately bonded with the people who helped us in the insertion and with the neighborhood itself. Here we will do the same. We still have to settle in this new area, but it is very well equipped. In particular our eldest daughter is very happy because her high school is closer and therefore she already knows the neighborhood. Also we are very satisfied not only for the transport service that takes us very easily to the center, but also to schools and supermarkets. ” Family A. Barrier area of ​​Milan-Turin