Torino – Falchera Vecchia


Discover Falchera Vecchia:

Falchera Vecchia is a neighborhood located in the extreme northern suburbs of the city that carries with it an important architectural and urban planning history.

Until the late 19th century, in fact, Falchera was a rural area where then arose the first nucleus of houses now known as Borgo Vecchio.

Later, in the 1950s, faced with the need to “increase worker employment, facilitating the construction of houses for workers,” an ex-novo neighborhood called “of the Falchera” was built separate from the rest of the city, characterized by a pattern of three-floors apartment buildings and characteristic of red brick facades that gather over large areas of public green whose street names were inspired by the world of flowers and trees.

In the early 1970s as a result of the steady population increase in the city, the Falchera neighborhood was expanded in its northern boundaries, thus creating a new urban core known as Falchera Nuova


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