Turin – Falchera vecchia

5 people

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The dwelling is located on the second floor, consisting of an entrance hall, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms, with a basement cellar.

The apartment has been the subject of light maintenance interventions such as equipment adjustment; remaking of the kitchen lining; painting and remediation of damaged parts

walls and ceilings; end of construction site cleaning.

– 2nd floor: four rooms

– cadastral area: 83 m2

– cellars

– inner courtyard


Discover the district Falchera Vecchia

Falchera is one of the “neighborhood units” created in Turin as part of the Ina-Casa program in the immediate post-war period. Built on farmland on the edge of the municipal boundaries beyond the Stura river, the new district was designed to be a satellite unit of 1.446 dwellings, completely self-sufficient both morphologically and functionally, equipped with residences, common areas, gardens, kindergartens, schools, churches…

Despite the positive assumptions of the initial project, the neighborhood has gradually become isolated from the city. This, together with the increasingly lacking services, has determined over time phenomena of social distress.

The district after a second expansion in the 70s has recently undergone some important interventions with the aim of giving new life to the original idea, providing better services, and connecting with the city. Falchera is now served by tram line 4 which runs through the city to connect with the city center and Mirafiori and is on the border with the railway station Torino Stura Turin from which all railway lines leave.

The district has become over time and with the succession of generations a real village connected with the center and increasingly equipped with services, schools, libraries, places of worship, and green spaces. This is why it is becoming increasingly popular among the choices of families looking for large spaces in the house and outdoors. Falchera finally hides a small wonder, the lakes, which the development committee of the neighborhood is trying to bring back to fruition.

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