Turin – Borgata Tesso

12 households amounting to 28 persons
Under renovation

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The building, which rises over four levels plus a basement with cellars, has 16 apartments plus 2 commercial units, a laboratory, a warehouse, and 7 boxes. The building develops around a large courtyard that lends itself to become, together with the balconies, a space for sociality to intensify the sense of community of tenants.

The building is partly already rented and, in addition to being in precarious maintenance conditions, has some social tensions inside.

The requalification project, therefore, has not only the goal of restructuring the building but to develop a real social housing project based on quality living spaces and a collaborative community of inhabitants.


– 5 two-room apartments, 4 three-room apartments, 7 four-room apartments

– Total cadastral area: 1140 m2

– Cellars;

– Inner courtyard.


Discover the district Borgata Tesso

It is one of the historic suburbs of Turin: the original Lanzo Barrier. It’s the protagonist of the first industrialization of the area and its building and demographic development. Its position was very favorable as it was outside the nineteenth-century boundary and close to the Turin-Ceres station. It was among the first hamlets to be connected to the city by an urban railway line, experiencing a state of ferment thanks to the many manufacturers that arose over time.

Although a lively past, for many years, the neighborhood has experienced a state of neglect. In 2008-2010 the area has been the subject of a socio-economic recovery project for the enhancement of the suburb. It acted in particular on the reduction of vehicular traffic, the upgrading of public lighting, and the expansion of green areas, as well as the reactivation of commercial activities.

The original fabric of the hamlet was composed of low houses with balconies, many of which are of valuable architectural quality although the poor state of maintenance. The commercial activities on the ground floor, overlooking the street itself, are slowly beginning to restart.

Negli stessi anni dei piani di riqualificazione è anche sorta un’associazione di promozione sociale di quartiere e la borgata è stata inserita all’interno degli itinerari del museo di arte urbana con la realizzazione di alcuni murales.

Also, an association for the social promotion of the district was established and the hamlet was included in the itineraries of the museum of urban art with the creation of some murals.

In this period crossing the streets of Borgata Tesso, you can see the signs of new urban development: new buildings, shopping centers, construction sites for new city roads, and at the same time new green, pedestrian, and community areas for the inhabitants.

The strong points of this district are therefore its proximity to the city center, the provision of services, and the architectural quality of the buildings that however require a substantial redevelopment activity.

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